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Elnaz Saberi Ansari, Changiz Eslahchi, Mahsa Rahimi, Lobat Geranpayeh, Marzieh Ebrahimi, Rosa Aghdam and Gwenneg Kerdivel


The datasets analyzed during the current study is available here and the code of the method is available in our Github repository.


The signatures.Rda and the code written by Venet et al (setup.R) to generate the NKI dataset (preprocessed-data.Rda) come from the paper of Venet et al [21] and are available in their supplementary file and is also available here.


The ACES dataset (U133A_combat.h5) come from the paper of Staiger et al [12] and is available in their supplementary file. The ACES dataset is also available here.


The ethics committee at the Royan Institute approved this study, and all the patients gave written informed consent on the use of clinical specimens for medical research. Ten breast cancer patients undergoing curative resection are included in this study. The expression of TAT (Tyrosine aminotransferase) in tumor, normal and cell lines are gathered in tat-2.xlsx file. The RNAseq data from the BRCA project of TCGA are available on the gdc data portal.








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