Full-PSSM is a stand alone software for calculating position-specific scoring matrix(PSSM) for a given protein sequence.this software has a userfriendly interface, that user can easily calculate PSSM for many fasta files at once.also this version support uniref 50 ,uniref 90 and uniref 100 databases.
A position specific scoring matrix (PSSM) is a matrix based on the amino acid frequencies at every position of a multiple alignment.From these frequencies, the PSSM that will be calculated will result in a matrix that will assign superior scores to residues that appear more often than by chance at a certain position.

Full PSSM Software , Released 2009

 A user guide manual is being prepared .you can download from here

 you can download this software from here


 Before you'll be able to use Full PSSM software , you need to install DOTNET Framework 3.5

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