ASILA is written in g++ (MinGW-3.1). It gets M ( number of different haplotypes ) and N ( Number of SNP ) as an input and

generate all perfect phylogeny matrices with M different rows and N columns. As the number of these matrices is exponential,

run time of this program is exponential.


How To Run The Program :


1-Two files are available for download (source code ASILA.cpp and executable code ASILA.exe)

2-Run ASILA.exe ( First Enter number of different rows(haplotypes) M and then enter number of different columns(SNP) N)

3-The results will be available in MresultN.txt

For example if you enter 6 as the number of rows and then enter 8 as the number of columns the results will be available in



Files Available for download :




3-The compiler MinGW is available at http:\\




Hanieh Mirzaei, Sarah Ahmadian, Sepide Mahabadi, Changiz Eslahchi, Mehdi Sadeghi, Hamid Pezeshk, A Constructive Perfect

Phylogeny Matrix Algorithm


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