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1. T. Baghfalaki and M. Ganjali,
A transition model for analyzing multivariate longitudinal data using Gaussian copula approach,
Advances in Statistical Analysis, 1-55  [abstract]   
2. P. Urban, V. Rezaeitabar, G. Bokota, Michal Denkiewicz, Subhadip Basu and Dariusz Plewczy�?ski,
Dendritic Spines Taxonomy: the functional and structural classification. Time-dependent probabilistic model of neuronal activation,
Journal of Computational Biology  (to appear) [abstract]   
3. A. R. Alizad-Rahvar and M. Sadeghi,
Ambiguity in logic-based models of gene regulatory networks: An integrative multi-perturbation analysis,
PlosOne 13(2018),  [abstract]   
4. J. Shamsara,
Homology Modeling of 5-alpha-Reductase 2 Using Available Experimental Data,
Computational Life Sciences, 1-10  [abstract]   
5. M. Habibi and P. Khosravi,
Disruption of the Protein Complexes from Weighted Complex Networks,
computational biology and bioinformatics (2018), DOI: 10.1109/TCBB.2018.2859952  [abstract]   
6. M. Mirzaei,
Hydrophobic residues can identify native protein structures,
Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics 86(2018), 467-474  [abstract]   
7. T. Baghfalaki, M. Ganjali and D. M. Berridge,
Generalized estimating equations by considering additive terms for analyzing time-course gene sets data,
Journal of the Korean Statistical Society (2018),   [abstract]   
8. M. Ganjali and T. Baghfalaki,
Application of Penalized Mixed Model in Identification of Genes in Yeast Cell-Cycle Gene Expression Data,
Biostatistics and Biometrics 6(2018),   [abstract]   
9. M. Eslami, R. Shirali Hossein Zade, Z. Takalloo, G. Mahdevar, A. Emamjomeh, R. H.Sajedi and J. Zahiri,
afpCOOL: A tool for antifreeze protein prediction,
Heliyon 4(2018),  [abstract]   
10. T. Bahrami, S. Zarvandi, R. De Mot, H. Gross, M. Changi-Ashtiani, T. Shahani and H. Rokni-Zadeh,
Draft Genome Sequence of Pseudomonas gingeri Strain LMG 5327, the Causative Agent of Ginger Blotch in Agaricus bisporus,
Genome announcements 6(2018), 196-218  [abstract]   

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